Benefits Enrolment: Administration Made Simple

Make light work of benefits administration. Through greater employee self-service, your workforce can enrol in benefits anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Benefits Enrolment

Looking for more paperwork and manual forms to print and complete? No, we didn’t think so. Through automation and integrations, Benify’s platform simplifies benefits management.

Digital benefits management means goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to automatic integrations and reporting for more effective management. The time and effort saved can then be spent bringing people strategies to life. For employees, simple enrolment into benefits and activities encourage active participation and sustained enthusiasm.

A simple benefits enrolment process encourages higher participation, greater appreciation, and results in sustained enthusiasm. Integrate your existing benefits into Benify’s global total reward and employee benefits platform and enable employees to enroll in benefits digitally with ease.

Employee benefits platform

In addition to the desktop version, our market-leading global benefits and total rewards platform is also accessible via mobile app. Benify’s SaaS platform means employees can enroll in benefits, anywhere, anytime without the need for HR assistance. Think: the greater the ease, the higher the participation.

By enabling employees to enroll in benefits digitally, companies not only create greater employee self-service but also reduce administration, human error, and cumbersome processes, which always results in cost savings.

We support 30 standard languages

The world of benefits is as diverse and colourful as its users. Every country and company has a different understanding of what benefits are. At Benify, we handle it all. From milk allowances in Uganda and housing allowances in APAC to flexible benefits in the Netherlands, the UK, and Brazil, our technology can accommodate every type of benefit through its vast range of functionalities in 30 languages.

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