Simplify Benefits Management

Make light work of benefits administration. Through greater employee self-service, your workforce can enrol in benefits anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Video: Digital Benefits Enrolment

While there’s little argument from employers about whether to offer employee benefits, the problem many organisations face is low participation rates. Often, it’s not the benefits themselves that are the issue but rather a lack of awareness and a cumbersome benefits enrolment process.

Why restrict enrolment to only office hours? Why restrict enrolment to only office computers? With 80% of the global workforce not working behind desks every day, including blue-collar workers, restricting enrolment reduces participation.

In addition to the desktop version, our market-leading global benefits and total rewards platform is also accessible via mobile app. Benify’s SaaS platform means employees can enrol in benefits, anywhere, anytime without the need for HR assistance. Remember: the greater the ease, the higher the participation.

By enabling employees to enrol in benefits digitally, companies not only create greater employee self-service but also reduce administration and human error,  resulting in significant cost savings.

The world of benefits is as diverse and colorful as its users. Every country and company has a different understanding of what benefits are. At Benify, we handle it all. From milk allowances in Uganda, housing allowances in APAC, to flexible benefits in the Netherlands, the UK, and Brazil, our technology can accommodate every type of benefit through its vast range of functionalities.

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