Why does your company need Benify?

The answer is simple: you want to attract and retain the best talent on the market. Our award-winning global benefits management software helps leading organizations do just that.

Immersive Global Experience

Benify creates an immersive and globally consistent experience by providing unique, personal, mobile and local benefit and rewards enablement to every employee.

Enhanced Employee Value Proposition

An immersive global experience goes hand-in-hand with your Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which is essential to attract talent and retain existing employees.

Automated Data and Benefit Processing

Centralise and automate how you administrate benefit and reward-related processes from onboarding to distributing data to local insurers, carriers and payrolls.

Reduced Data Risk and Improved Governance

Automated data and benefits processing leads to better governance in how you manage and track data, therefore, reducing data compliance risk around things like GDPR.

Management of Benefit Cost

Immediately visualise and report your total employee offer and benefits enrolment in each country you operate in and make better, smarter, and faster decisions.

Truly mobile

Our solution is truly mobile. With Benify’s mobile app, you can reach and engage your entire workforce “on-the-go” or on-the-sofa, throughout their entire employee lifecycle, with all the functionality of our platform.

How to create a sense of belonging

When it comes to building a successful strategy for talent management, every organisation has its challenges. Our clients include large multinational companies with hundreds of personnel located across the globe as well as companies with only a handful of employees. If you’re a large organisation, you’re well aware of the difficulties in creating a sense of belonging across the entire company. After all, your colleagues may not be in the same town, city, or even be on the same continent. Some people may work in a traditional office, while others may use their smartphone for everything.

The importance of communication

In addition to sound benefits management, effective communication is crucial to every workplace. Communication helps create inclusion and a sense of unity and belonging. With our communication engine, you can communicate specific information to specific audiences. Whether you want to communicate with all employees, a group of employees, or individuals, it´s up to you. Send messages via email, push notification or via personal message.

You can also use multiple channels to communicate specific company information including company goals, values and organisational updates. After all, good communication contributes to a positive employee experience.

We grow with you, thanks to you

Benify’s journey started with three friends back in 2004. Today, Benify has thousands of customers and millions of users all around the world. But we´re still growing. In fact, each and every new customer helps teach us new ways to develop.

Increase people´s quality of life

More employers are realising that it’s not only important to pay a competitive salary but to see their workforce as a long-term investment. At Benify, we don’t just make employees happier at work, we help increase their quality of life overall.

A smart investment

Today, employment is all about the employee journey. As an employer, it’s not about “spoiling” your employees. It’s about investing in your people throughout the whole employee lifecycle in a smarter way and, in turn, becoming an attractive employer in an increasingly competitive market.

We came, we saw, we changed everything

Are you still shuffling paperwork and feeling bogged down by manual processes? Our digital portal makes work life simpler. In fact, once you start using Benify, you’ll find it impossible to imagine your workplace without it. Digitise your workplace today!

From tons of paper

Manual paperwork takes time, resources and energy.

To a digital platform

Automation and digitalisation allows you to focus on other important tasks.

From different systems for everything

A wide range of IT systems just complicates things.

To all in one place

An all-in-one integrated system gives you control and simplicity.

From the same for everyone

A standardised “one-size-fits-all” offer runs the risk of being too rigid and not meeting the needs of all employees.

To tailored benefits

Offer your employees a broad selection of benefits they actually enjoy.

From one-way-communication

Intranet and email both have their pros – but also cons.

To direct & interactive

Relevant information for each employee.

From guessing & surmising

Offering random benefits hoping they appeal to employees

To a well-founded strategy

At Benify, we provide unique data on benefit usage and appreciation.

Get Benify in 3 steps:

Now that you know a little bit about what we offer and what we can do for your workplace, you´re no doubt wondering how to become a Benify customer. Well, it’s easy!

Book a demo

We’d love to show you, in more detail, the world’s most tailored and flexible employee benefits platform and how it can help you remain an attractive employer.

Map your needs

Once you’ve seen the value of our solution, together, we’ll discuss and analyse what your organisation needs and what solutions for you´re looking for.

Sign an agreement

Once we’ve got a clear scope, it’s time to sign our agreement and start implementing our digital platform into your workplace!