IT and e-commerce company Softgear sought after an HR tech solution that would help them attract and retain the best talent on the market. Today, with their Benify platform, Softgear is able to present the full value of their compensation offer during recruitment.

As a fast-growing IT company, Softgear needed a smart, modern benefits administration solution. Today, their benefits and total rewards platform from Benify not only helps the company house its benefits and employee information all in one place, but it’s also an important tool in the battle to attract and retain the best talent on the market.

Previously, Softgear had their employee information spread throughout numerous documents, which made it difficult for employees to get a holistic overview of their employment and total reward. Today, thanks to Benify’s employee benefits platform, everything is nicely presented and packaged in one place:

“Since we implemented the benefits platform from Benify, we’ve had the opportunity to create a professional template to show how much we invest in each person before they start working,” says Michael Siljö, Business Director at Softgear.

  • 1Simplified Recruiting

    By using Benify's HR technology as a candidate platform, potential employees can quickly understand and evaluate the entire value of Softgear's offering.
  • 2Quicker onboarding

    With the platform's onboarding tools, new employees can complete tasks before starting their first day at work such as reading up on company policies, completing forms or uploading a profile picture.
  • 3Stronger employer brand

    Benify's award-winning benefits platform reflects Softgear's modern and thoughtful culture, making it easier to attract the best talent in a highly competitive market.

The tools to build a strong culture

– Benify helps us look after and appreciate our employees. The portal helps us strengthen our fantastic employee culture,” says Michael Siljö.