Pension & insurances

Discover an easier way to invest in your employee's future

Pension & insurances

Everything in one place

Wrap all your pension and insurance offerings in to one platform and make it easier for your employee to retain control. Whether your company pension plans or group insurances – inclusive or optional – turn your portal in to a one-stop-shop for greater peace of mind.

Personal simulations

Through simulation tools, your employee can make more informed decisions based on personal circumstance. They’re even fitted to your local model – meaning that you can warn your employee of any negative tax- or social insurance effects before they occur.

Tailored employee advice

Offer your employee personal pension- and insurance guidance throughout each stage of their lifecycle. This is easy to manage through our portal’s flexible filtering tools, and will make sure that you can stand apart as an employer who cares.

“No one would say “one size fits all” when it comes to customers. We realised that the same applies to our employees”

Visualize your entire offering through a single platform – Discover a portal which allows you to manage your entire pension and insurance offering. You’ll filter your coverage to each employee, communicate the right information and make sure that you can provide the important policy bits, as well as tips, advice and next steps – all smartly tailored to your employee’s lifecycle.

They say that your pension is the greatest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. At Benify, we know that the same applies to your employees. Our recent compensation gap study revealed that the average employee will fail to see 33 cents of every dollar which their employer invests in them. At Benify, we’ll make sure that your employee will recognize the true value of all your included- and optional coverage.

Packaged within a personal employee portal, your employee can manage their salary to pension exchange within just a few clicks – as well as perform live salary simulations, heed any financial warnings and find out everything they need to know about their coverage. Through management tools which are accessible from any location, you’ll make your processes more transparent and easier to engage with.

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