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Reach your entire workforce anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Communication Tool

Communication is the key to every relationship, and this includes the relationship between employer and employee. Engage your employees anytime, anywhere from a single source with our integrated communication tool. Using targeted communication, you can create a unique and personalised employee experience for every employee.

With the platform’s easy-to-use, self-service communication tools, employers can send the right message to the right person through the right channel. With the help of different eligibility filters, your email, push notification, or message can be sent to specific individuals, groups, departments, and even countries. You can also automate the delivery of messages, reminders, and invitations during specific life events, such as work anniversaries.

Employee mobile app

Today, leading organisations are adopting a mobile-native mindset, enabling them to connect with their workforce like never before.

With Benify’s mobile app, you can reach your entire workforce “on-the-go” or on-the-sofa, 24/7, with all the functionality of our SaaS global benefits and total rewards platform.

Today, approximately 80% of workers globally are ”deskless”. Therefore, being able to reach your entire workforce is essential, especially when you have a widespread workforce or employees who are not seated in front of a computer, such as electricians, store attendants, or factory workers.

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FAQ - Communication Tool & Employee App

Why is effective communication so important?

Communication creates the foundation for every relationship and helps bind your organisation together. It connects departments and teams in the workplace and ensures that every employee is up to date, on the same page, and aware of company happenings and changes.

Effective communication also increases employee connection and identification with the employer brand, which helps organisations attract and retain talent.

Additionally, effective communication leads to greater awareness and appreciation of benefits. Without awareness, your benefits run the risk of being unused. In the end, it’s not only the benefits you offer that count, but that your employees are aware of them.

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What does targeted communication mean?

Targeted communication means that the content of the message is adapted to the specific audience you wish to reach and that the message is only sent to the people or person concerned. With the help of different filters, your email, push notification, or message can, for example, be sent to everyone with access to a particular benefit, or everyone who works within a particular region.

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What channels does Benify use to communicate with their employees?

Using the communication engine integrated inside the Benify platform, you can send emails, push notifications to smartphones or create messages which pop-up when employees log in to their personal benefits platform. As an employer, you have the choice of creating your own mailings as an administrator of the platform or have Benify’s communications team do this for you.

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