Teva – case study

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The “from scratch” solution

Design. Build. Realize. Teva had a clear ambition to put together a benefits model on their terms, and the Benify portal has allowed them to realize this – without increasing expenditure. This was also in face of a recent shift in the local employee benefits tax landscape.

Employee support tool

As much as half of Teva Netherlands’ workforce is made up of international employees. Through the portal, Teva now provides these employees with effective support for a smoother acclimatisation – giving easy access to legal, lifestyle and financial advice.

Company health benefits

The portal serves as a platform with which to realize Teva’s employee health and wellbeing ambitions. “The Benify portal lends new perspective to our health and wellbeing policy” says Caroline at Teva, “we now finally have the options and tools to take this to a new level”.

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