Leave a positive last(ing) impression by giving departing employees a proper send-off and gain valuable feedback in the process.

What is offboarding?

Every employer understands the importance of making a good first impression, but few realise that making a positive final impression is equally important. A well-structured offboarding process ensures that handovers are smooth, that nothing falls through the cracks, and that departing employees leave satisfied so that when they look back at their time with you, they do so fondly.

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Offboarding: Make a Positive Last(ing) Impression

While a lot is said about the importance of making a positive first impression too few employers realize it’s vital to make a positive final impression too.
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Employee Brand Ambassadors and The Role of Positive Emotions

Brand ambassadors are made, not born, and the right conditions must exist to create them. This is where positive emotions and employee experience are key.
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3 Ways Companies Can Use Technology to Individualise Employee Benefits

Employee benefits, like consumer products and services, must be individualised to meet the needs of every individual. Thanks to technology, it’s possible.
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