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Report: Benefits and Engagement

A European employer’s guide to employee experience of the [...]

Whitepaper: Total Reward Statement

Showing Employees Your True Investment[...]

Webinar: How to Build a Global Benefits Strategy That Works

Tips on how to implement a global benefits strategy.[...]

Whitepaper: Parental Leave in Scandinavia: A Guide for UK Employers

For UK companies seeking to become more attractive employers[...]

Webinar: How to Manage Benefits and Rewards in Times of Crisis

HR leaders around the world are presented with the unique ch[...]

Webinar: Global Online Benefits

Want to learn how to best administer your global online bene[...]

Webinar: Employee Communication Hub

In the age of mass communication, how can you cut through th[...]

Webinar: Total Reward Statements

Effectively communicating and displaying your Employee Benef[...]

Webinar: Happiness Index

See what employee benefits you should invest in this year[...]

5 Steps to a Successful Benefits Strategy

Don't let chance, gut feeling or outdated beliefs determine [...]

Webinar: Generation Z

Who Generation Z are and how they think[...]

Whitepaper: Employee Communication

The importance of effective communication cannot be overstat[...]

Whitepaper: Global Online Benefits

How to Effectively Manage Employee Benefits[...]

E-book: Generation Z

The Definitive Guide to the Future Workforce[...]

E-book: Employee Happiness Index 2019

Making Employee Benefits a Strategic Tool in the War for Tal[...]

E-book: The Power of Communication

How effective communication leads to increased engagement[...]

Employee Happiness Index 2018

Can benefits make your employees happier and more engaged? O[...]

How to Implement a Sustainable Employment Strategy in a Data-Driven Way

One of the most talked about topics in recruitment circles a[...]

The Benefits Gap Study

Using data collated from across more than 15,000 employees a[...]

The New World of Employee Data

This eBook discusses data privacy and the present and future[...]

The compensation gap report

Did you know that as many as 8 out of 10 employees underesti[...]

E-book: Employee Engagement: Unlocking Your Employees’ Potential

We created this employee engagement handbook to help HR lead[...]

Build your employer brand case study

How does the modern employer go about building an effective [...]

E-book: Employee Experience

In our e-book, The New Employee Experience: How to maximise [...]

The Top 10 Employee Benefits Report

What is the most popular employee benefit according to HR pr[...]

Financial Wellness: The Topic You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Money worries won’t just affect your employees at home, bu[...]

The year in review – 2016

Benify enjoyed a landmark year which yet again saw us develo[...]

12 reasons to Benify Globally

Benify creates a portal branded for your organization that b[...]

2018 HR trends to watch

There are many players influencing today’s HR landscape: e[...]

The year in review – 2017

Benify continues its leadership role in the global HR landsc[...]